About us


We are Serviceplan Consulting Group. We inspire and empower all doers to tackle today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities with confidence.

Serviceplan Consulting Group is the Serviceplan Group’s internationally oriented strategy and innovation consultancy for brand, marketing and sales. As an agile consultancy, we help companies move forward in a targeted manner: with innovative products and services and connected communication, marketing and sales. We support our customers in reaching sustainable growth and future-ready organizations through strong brands, innovative products and services, an identity-creating culture and effective communication.

Management Team

Alessandro Panella

Managing Director

Serviceplan Consulting Group

Matthias Breitschaft

Managing Director

Serviceplan Consulting Group

Lukas Paschke

General Manager

Serviceplan Consulting Group

How we think and work

Strategic Digital Vision

In a world of possibilities, we have a clear picture of digitization and its huge, value-creating potential. Our experts explore the conceivable and are well experienced in what is feasible. This is how we have been digitizing marketing and sales for many years. 

A Focus on Customer Value

In an increasingly fragmented world, we always keep our eyes on customer value - to this end, we draw on comprehensive consumer data, intelligent data management and many years of research and analysis practice.

Strategic Agility and Progress

Because the world is spinning ever faster, we work directly and result-oriented in lean multi-disciplinary project groups, short reaction times and flexible processes and structures - precisely following our customers’ requirements and exactly at their pace.

Strategic Creativity and Analysis

Because the world does not stop: With the help of a proven mix of methods, we ensure sustainable success and progress, in workshops and sprints, using innovative analysis methods, new creative ways of thinking and embracing unconventional paths towards unseen solutions.